Hoosier Boy's Kennel
German Shorthaired Pointers

German Shorthaired Pointer... German Shorthair Pointer... German Shorthair or just GSP. What ever you want to call them... the German Shorthaired Pointer is without a doubt the dog of choice for todays hunter.

Congratulations to the Hoosier Boy's Kennel dogs and owners who tested in 2014!!

Hoosier Boys Voodoo UT I 204
Morgan Ridge Queen Daisy UT I 204
Hoosier Boys Son of Cash UT I 192
Hoosier Boys The King UT III 183
Hoosier Boys Dont Call me Junior
Hoosier Boys Doin it my Way

Hoosier Boys Rolling Stone NA I 112
Hoosier Boys Magic Lady NA I 112
Hoosier Boys Rplace Molly NA I 112
Hoosier Boys Augustus McCrae NA I 112
Hoosier Boys Dexter James Kerstetter NAIII 95